Capital city of Curly Tail.
Vital statistics
Type Government Entity
Level Free Nation / Country
Location 1st World
Inhabitants Svenlings
Sventopia was a far south eastern nation of tribal descent. The government entity of Sventopia was formed due to pressure from Northern Country to formulate a proper form of government.  It was formed by Sven and USAPatriot.  The capital was Curly Tail.


Not much is known about the early Sventopian culture.  They lived small remote villages hidden within jungles and forests.  The first village discovered was by Northern Country explorers who travelled east from Port Orman and through County Cavan.  A small remote village known simply as Ska was found.  The citizens lived in small white fur huts.  Upon further conversation with the civilized Northern Country explorers, the Svenling race learned of commerce and trade.  The race was weak and timid, but gladly accepted the ways of the "civilized" race.  Ska was quickly transformed into a more "modern" town by Sventopian standards as they built square block buildings of wood.  Their population quickly exploded as they went off to built bigger towns such as Curly Tail and Oriaro City.  The Svenling culture tried to build structures similar to those found in Northern Country and formulate government similar to that as Northern Country but fell short in every way according to historians.

The Svenlings lacked in infrastructure and design quality, as there roads were often very simply with little to no signage.  They also tried to build a rail system, as they saw how prosperious it worked for Northern Country.  The manual rail system started outside of Ska and travelled to a hub building inbetween Oriaro City and Curly  Tail.  From there a rider would choose where they wanted to go.



Curly Tail downtown.

Curly Tail

Oriaro City


Besides the village of Ska, Svenling towns and cities were known as "blights" on the clean earth.  Their original building methods of hiding within trees made them one with nature, but they eventually tried to modernize. making their cities giant sprawling rows upon rows of traditional Svenling huts.



The Svenling Statue.

The Svenling culture seemed to enjoy being one with nature, until they threw that aside and built Curly Tail.  They seemed fascinated with statues and shrines, because every settlement had at least one shrine of some sort.  The villagers at Ska took massive pride in their "modern" dock and park at the entrance of town.  The park was seen as a living shrine to outsiders.  Curly Tail had the infamous Svenling Statue which had Svenlings make a pilgrimage to the statue sometime in thier life.  Oriaro City had a pony statue known as Derpy Hooves.