Ruby Beach, Newfield County
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 3
Location Newfield County
Inhabitants Unknown
Ruby Beach was a town located in Newfield County.  It was the county seat and largest town in the county.  

Ruby Beach was split into two distinct sections.  One section was on a small cooridor of lush green land, while another section was on a sandy tide flat.  Along the sandy tide flat was the towns main luxury hotel for tourists wanting to enjoy the big sandy beach.  Downtown and residential areas were to the west on a small green patch of land.  The downtown was furthest away from the main raod entering town, and forced people to walk to it.  There was no rail station in Ruby Beach.  

Downtown featured many shops and businesses.  There was a hospital for the entire county as well as a town hall and police station which serviced the town and county.  There was a prominent church located downtown as well as a couple of parks.  The town was well known for their layouts and attention to details when incoporating nature into their layout.  The town actualled featured more services then many other towns in neighboring Jadeon Kingdom that were larger in size.

Newfield County and Ruby Beach were usually ranked fairly well as a place to relax and enjoy.  Infrastructure was simple as there was only a single main road that ran in the county from Fort Nick and out to Anders Bay in County Cavan.  Another newer road was built to Port Orman which gave the town the biggest economic boost it had seen ever.  It helped the town continue to thrive, and it was just a short distance to the services of influences of Port Orman, Council County, and Northern Country.  Relations between the two governments was very friendly, there even talks of incorporating Newfield County into Northern Country.