Roverg, Roverg County, Nation of Aurum
Vital statistics
Type City
Level 5
Location Roverg County. Nation of Aurum, 2nd World
Inhabitants Citizens
Roverg is a city located in Roverg County.  It is the largest city and county seat of Roverg County.  It is part of the Twin Cities Region with Fairfax.  The city is known for it's large amount of pubs and taverns. The downtown area is unique in having balconies provide an extra layer of travel above ground with businesses both on ground level and on these upper balconies.


  • Bertolli Building
  • Bulk Me Up Super Prices
  • Cornerstone Clothes
  • Corner Foods
  • Desley Tavern
  • Downtown Motel
  • Equine In Nature
  • Hauling-Dash Moving Service
  • Home Vitals
  • Hubbub Restaurant
  • Morningwood Pub
  • Mudslinger Tavern
  • Quintel Bank
  • Roverg Wears
  • Roverg Telecom & Electric Company
  • The Bow & Arrow Hunter
  • The Canal Tavern & Pub
  • The Goods Armory & Quality Weapons
  • The Light Idea
  • Warcoff & Sons Law Office
  • Wall 2 Wall Books
  • Zath Foods