Rialian Desert
Vital statistics
Type Geography
Level Desert
Location Land of Evereska
Inhabitants Various
The Rialian Desert is a desert in the Land of Evereska.  It makes up much of the geography in central Evereska.  At the northwest portion of the desert lies the town of Rialian and to the south is a portion of Amandil.


A large group of aboriginals lived in what is now known as Rialian. The  aboriginal village was a desert community with several homes, some primitive farms, and a rather large temple with their most precious materials.  Evereskan raiders plundered and destroyed all the original structures of the village and looted all their supplies.  The aboriginals wandered aimlessly for years until the town was rebuilt as the country tried to structure itself and make ammends.  


Known as "the temple," it is southwest of Rialian.

At some point in aboriginal history, there was the creation of a large temple southwest of Rialian, but it's actual origin is unknown.  Today the temple can be explored by travellers and tourists alike.

The Rialian desert was a big obstacle for early Evereskan's who had to navigate around it or through it.  In the modern era of the nation, a road was built through the desert from Rialian to Amandil, but early planners were not very good with their geography and weaved the road in several off course directions.  Later, underground rail was dug underneath a portion of the desert from Rialian to Amandil.

Climate and GeographyEdit


Poopie Peak in the Rialian Desert.

The Rialian Desert is a dry, barren desert known for harsh hot temperates.  The costal areas of the desert are moderated with ocean winds, but still exceedingly hot.  Temperatures can easily reach into triple digits within the central region of the desert.  

The majority of the desert is flat except for a few southern rolling hills.  Further south near Amandil a small region of dry savannah exists, but the majority of the desert is barren with the exception of shrubs in the southern portion.  Tied for the highest point in the Rialian Desert is the unfortunately named Poopie Peak.  It stands only 12 blocks above sea level.


The TempleEdit

The temple, which has no better name, is located southwest of Railian and can be visited by tourists and explorers.

Poopie PeakEdit

Poopie Peak is tied for the tallest peak within the Rialian Desert.  It stands only 12 blocks above sea level and it noteable simple because the main highway goes over the desert travels over it.  Road builders in Evereska didn't actually plan their highway, and legend has it that they climbed the peak to see where they were going, and built the road as they climbed.  Today it is looked upon as a waste of roadway that goes out of the way to get from point A to point B.