Rialian, Land of Evereska
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 1
Location Land of Evereska
Inhabitants Railians
Rialian was originally an aboriginal village, but today stands as a small village in the Land of Evereska in 2nd World.  Rialian, the city of sand, lives up to its name, constructed entirely of sandstone and birch wood. It was built to house the few lingering testificate citizens from a previous village on the same location.  Rilian is located at the north end of the Rialian Desert.


Rialian was originally an aboriginal village raided early and destroyed by early Evereskian's.  The village was a dessert community with several homes, some primitive farms, and a rather large temple with their most precious materials.  The raiders plundered and destroyed all the original structures of the village and looted all their supplies.  The aboriginals wandered aimlessly for years until the town was rebuilt as the country tried to structure itself and make ammends.  


Rialian has a Creeper Shrine building which the aboriginals praised.  There is a school and rail depot.  The schoolhouse is the first stuctural system built in the Land of Evereska. The schoolhouse is filled with paintings and bookshelves, giving the students plenty of colors and materials to stimulate their minds.

Chuch of S.S.C.Z.Edit

The Church of a Skeleton, Steve, a Creeper, and a Zombie was created to provide the aboriginals with a gathering place. Featuring a large glass, sandstone and wool structure, it's main focus is the obsidian fireplace flanked by two waterfalls. Above the fire is the centerpiece: four item frames containing the heads of a skeleton, Steve, a creeper, and a zombie, giving the church its name, S.S.C.Z..


  • Rialian Rest & Restock Shelter
  • Towne Shoppe