Northern Country Navy
Vital statistics
Type Government Branch
Level Military / Navy
Location Northern Country and all seas and oceans.
Inhabitants Sailors
The Northern Country Navy is the largest naval fleet in 1st World.  It was one of two naval fleets in 1st World, and controled waters all around 1st World even beyond the boundaries of North Country.  There was never any hostile encounters and no government entity ever complained of their presence.  The navy had a fleet upwards of 25 ships.


The navy tends to be in most major waterways, oceans, or seas.  

A major naval base is located on the Ricario Sea which is home to a large part of the fleet.  This division patrols the Ricario Sea and the Orman Sea.

The Saban Sea has a handful navy ships patrolling the waters, especially around Fort Nick, Bell, and Rubicon.

A massive fleet had been introduced from a new naval station north of Fort Patriot.  These ships were ordered to control the waters and protect land in interest to Northern Country.  These ships patrolled the unexplored North Sea and aided Northern Country Territorial Exploratory Service ships to unknown waters.

A fleet based from a newer station east of County Cavan had some ships patrol the waters around the unexplored South Sea.


A branch of the Northern Country Navy is the Northern Country Territorial Exploratory Service.  Their focus is on exploration in uncharted areas.


Ships were white and featured a blue and red stripe along the hull and smoke stack.


The fleet came in four variations.  There was a small Scout Class. A mid sized class called Raider.  There was a large class of ships called Guardian.  There was a Jumbo class of two ships called Titan.