Northern Country
Capitol building in Congress.
Vital statistics
Type Government Entity
Level Free Nation / Country
Location 1st World
Inhabitants Northerners
Northern Country was the largest and most powerful nation in 1st World, known for having the largest population, most advanced society and economic system, and most indepth transportation system in the world.  It was a nation on the cutting edge and leading the world, as others tried to play catchup.  The capital city was Congress.


Before Northern Country, Rubicon, Twin Lake Terrace, and Mission Lake formed a government district known as the Northwest Regional States.  At the time, this was northwest of 1st World.  But this name was shortlived as relations grew with Council County.

Northern Country was formed out of Council County in Port Orman.  It was decided that Rubicon and Port Orman would form a treaty to become one government entity.  Council County would still exist as a district within Northern Country and it did.  Rubicon then became the capital city of the newly formed Northern Country until eventually that status was passed along to the city of Congress.  

Roads quickly branched out in all directions and Rubicon became the most important city in 1st World, one that everyone looked up too.  Soon other large cities grew around the Rubicon Metro area like Mission Lake and Davis.  The Sunset Highway was built from Rubicon east towards Bell and Holden then continued on to the isolated lakeside town of Lake Renegade.  The highway continued eastward to Seahurst, Redwood, and soon Burnett, which then built a new highway undercutting the Frontier Highway to Fort Patriot.  With all these towns connected by the largest highway system in the world, Northern Country truly owned all of the northern territories and was able to form a massive government entity.  Towns and the economy continued to grow as the nation become more commercialized in the economic sectors.  Chain stores and businesses opened up and soon opened shop in foreign nations as well.  

Eventually plans were made to spread east from Davis around the Orman Sea.  This was done, and completed by building the largest bridge in 1st World, one that was reminscent of the great Golden Gate Bridge.  This was the last expansion of the nation.

Northern Country continued to prosper throughout the server.


Northern Country had more settlements then any other country.

Bell Burnett Congress Cross Valley Davis Holden Lake Renegade Mission Lake
Port Orman Redwood Rubicon Seahurst Sumner Valley Twin Lake Terrace Willington


Northern Country had the largest and most exstensive transportation system in 1st World.  It included roads, highways, rail, subway, elevated rail, and ferry boats.


The Northern Country military was the largest military in 1st World.  They were the most technologically advanced and had forces all around the world.  Land troops were stationed in outposts such as Fort Patriot, Seahurst and a base southeast of Rubicon.  The most visible presense of the nations military might were the Northern Country Navy ships that patrolled waters all around the world as well as Northern Country Territorial Exploratory Service ships.