The Nation of Telmar
Vital statistics
Type Nation State
Level Country
Location 2nd World
Inhabitants Telmarines
 The Nation of Telmar (NOT) is a free nation state in 2nd World. The capital city is Avalon.  The southern eastern border is the Nation of Aurum.


Telmar was first settled by aboriginals who built towns throughout what is now known as Telmar.

Settlement expansion spread far northeast of Aurum and citizens in this region wanted to form a free nation state in direct influence and style of the Nation of Aurum.  The powers at the time in Aurum allowed for the creation of the Nation of Telmar with the first border crossing being between Union and Conlis.  Borders were peacefully drawn with the Nation of Aurum and national friendship excelled.

During the formation of new nationstates to the east, Telmar sided with the Nation of Aurum on all fronts and helped support the creation of the Nation of Lurue and the removal of extremist factions in the Land of Evereska.  It also was united with Aurum and Lurue in placing a moderate leader for Evereska.

Geography & ClimateEdit

The geography of Telmar is diverse and varies depending on location.  A large eastern majority of the country is treeless tundra with long cold winters and cool short summers.  Small pockets of pine exist in this region.  Through the center of the country, a few desert regions exist with cooler winters and mild summers as well as temperate forested lowlands.  Pockets of temperate plains land exist throughout the country.  Rainfall is heavy through the central corridor, espeically as you head southward or westward towards the Nation of Aurum border.

Mountains exist along the southern border with the Nation of Aurum by Conlis as well as Tucker Mountain by Emmerich.  Lower mountain ranges extend through the central and eastern portions of the eastern tundra.


Nation of Telmar National Anthem, "Glory and Honour

Nation of Telmar National Anthem, "Glory and Honour."


The Chancellor is the highest government authority. The people, through an Electoral College elect the Chancellor. The responsibilities of the chancellor include foreign affairs, domestic defense, and financial affairs.

Cabinet of Ministers Edit

The Cabinet of Ministers answers directly to the Chancellor. Their duty is to advise the Chancellor on matters regarding the government, and to oversee their specific areas of government. The Chancellor selects each minister personally, but they must be approved by the National Assembly to serve.

Minister of DefenseEdit

The Minister of Defense is responsible for all things relating to the armed forces and security of the nation.

Minister of Interior AffairsEdit

The Minister of Interior Affairs is responsible for the operation of the government. The minister oversees elections, immigration, policing, border patrol and security among other things.

Minister of Foreign AffairsEdit

The Minister of Foreign Affairs is responsible for foreign policy and the well being of all foreign relationships.

Minister of FinanceEdit

The Minister of Finance is responsible for every aspect of finance within the government as well as commerce within the country. The economic well being of the country and financial policy is overseen directly by the Minister of Finance.

Minister of the EnvironmentEdit

The Minister of the Environment is responsible for the protection of the natural environment, energy policies, natural resources, resource policy and environmental policy.

Minister of HealthEdit

The Minister of Health is responsible for the public healthcare needs of the country and the well being of its citizens.

National Assembly Edit

The National Assembly is responsible for enacting laws and policies. They have the power to pass, amend and repeal laws, approve treaties, appoint federal judges, ambassadors, and military officers. The National Assembly also has the power to raise and lower taxes. Every law passed by the House of Representatives must pass through the National Assembly for approval, then be passed on to the Chancellor to be enacted. Each county elects and sends two representatives to the National Assembly. These representatives are elected to a four-year term.

House of Representatives Edit

The House of Representatives is made up of elected officials from each county, the number from each county depending on population. Each representative is elected to a two-year term. The House is responsible for making federal laws that effect the entire country, although the National Assembly must first approve all laws, then the Chancellor. The House holds the distinct power to elect a Chancellor in case there is no majority in the Electoral College.

County Government Edit

County Council Edit

Every city within a county will hold an appropriate number of seats on the council based on the population of the city. The people elect each representative for a three-year term. The council is responsible for law and policy regarding the county, economic development, education, highways and roads, parks, fire and rescue, libraries, jails, and courts. All laws made by the council must first be approved and signed by the Governor before they are enacted.

County Sheriff Edit

Each county elects a County Sheriff to a four-year term. The Sheriff oversees all policing responsibilities for a given county.

County Governor Edit

The people elect a governor by popular vote for a four-year term. The Governor is responsible for all matters falling within the state. The Governor may also enact laws, amend laws and create new laws for the state. A governor is responsible for the development of a state and its well being.  

City Government Edit

City Mayor Edit

Each town has a mayor elected by the people, who serves a three-year term. The mayor is responsible for city management and the amending of, enacting of, or creation of laws regarding the city.

City Council Edit

The city council is made up of seven elected officials who each serve a four-year term. Elections are held every two years with a selective rotation based on the amount of a term served. The responsibilities of the council include city development, roadway maintenance, laws and policy, city works, public transportation and parks and recreation.

Judicial BranchEdit

Constitutional CourtEdit

The Constitutional Court is the final authority on constitutional matters. The House of Representatives appoint a judge for the Constitutional Court.

Counties & SettlementsEdit

County Settlement Photo
Avalon County
Genze County
Emmerich *
Riverborn County
Eastwood *

* Designates the county seat.



Armed Forces of Telmar flag.

The Armed Forces of Telmar are made up of seven uniformed services.  The two largest units are the military and navy.  The Nation of Telmar Army is the official name of the military ground units, while the Telmar Navy Service is the official water unit.  All branches fly under the same Armed Forces of Telmar flag.  The Nation of Telmar Border Services falls within the Armed Forces of Telmar.


The people of Telmar enjoy a well funded healthcare system. Larger towns have hospitals and clinics, while smaller towns typically only have clinics.


Most towns in Telmar are home to a local newspaper. Larger towns also have radio stations as well as television stations.


AJM Allowed for Telmar to be founded, and it was done so by Murray.  The two worked together on setting up boundary lines and making their first border crossing.  Murray has done all town building, road routes, rail routes, and government set up within the nation.  AJM has filled in businesses with buyable items.