Nation of New Plymouth
Vital statistics
Type Nation State
Level Country
Location 2nd World
Inhabitants New Plymouthians
The Nation of New Plymouth (NONP) is a free nation state in 2nd World.  The capital city is Jamestown.  


The nation was granted nation state status after the formation of the Land of Evereska and the Kingdom of Miroin.  The Nation of Aurum granted permission for the nation to form as an ally to the west.  The original hopes from Aurum were to have a modern nation with a stable government in the east.  Aurum helped provide New Plymouth with a strong show of support with funding and development cues.  

New Plymouth's foudners were slow to start with very little development occuring in their early years.  After a period of time, the nation still only had a capitol building, train station (with tracks to nowhere) and no outside connections.  In October/November 2013, the Nation of Aurum promoted growth and outside connections, and the small nations government started a push for more development.  Soon an outside road connection to the Kingdom of Miroin was completed as a massive feat of engineering for the young nation by building a highway passing through their southern jungle to the capital city of Jamestown.

Geography & ClimateEdit



The Nation of New Plymouth has a standing military and navy, both under the branch of the New Plymouth Defense Force.  The New Plymouth Armed Forces (NPAF) are made up of the ground and naval units and protect the Nation of New Plymouth.

Foreign RelationsEdit


Nation of New Plymouth Border Station along Kingdom of Miroin border.

The Nation of Aurum

The nation has a good standing relation with the Nation of Aurum and depends on Aurum for many technologies, trade, and military power.  They view Aurum as a strong ally and friend.

The Nation of TelmarEdit

The nation views the Nation of Telmar as an ally.

The Land of EvereskaEdit

While New Plymouth has no negatives or positives towards Evereska, they are concerned about their stability and lack of infrastructure.

The Kingdom of MiroinEdit

While cautious with Miroin, New Plymouth treats them as an ally.  

Law And JusticeEdit

Law enforcement is broken up by municipalities and regions in New Plymouth.  Most towns and cities have their own municipal police force.  Areas that are not municipalities are often patrolled by county law enforcement, known as county sheriff's in New Plymouth.




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