Nation of Aurum Customs and Border Protection
Vital statistics
Type Governemnt
Level Nation of Aurum Defense Border Services
Location Nation of Aurum, 2nd World
Inhabitants Border Agents
 The Nation of Aurum Customs and Border Protection is a branch of the Nation of Aurum Defense.  Their primary duty is to protect and monitor the border of the Nation of Aurum.  They have offices at every border crossing.  The agency is split into two levels; Customs and Border Patrol.

Nation of Aurum CustomsEdit

The Customs unit are the officers seen at border crossing, asking for identification, and clearing people to move freely between two nations.  These officers have the power to detain, question, and remove people from Aurum.  They are armed officers.

Nation of Aurum Border PatrolEdit

The border patrol unit takes an active approach at patrolling the border whether by land or water.  They enforce federal law and have the power to detain and arrest people.  They are armed.   They can be found at border crossings and along the Nation of Aurum border.


Nation of Aurum Customs and Border Protection station in Union.