Land of Evereska
Vital statistics
Type Nation State
Level Country
Location 2nd World
Inhabitants Evereskans
The Land of Evereska (LOE) is a developing country in 2nd World


Before the settlement of any villages, the area which is now the Land of Evereska was inhabited by aboriginals who lived in groups near current day Rialian.  Early settlers raided their village and took all their supplies and materials leaving the aboriginals with no home or supplies.  Many were killed due to the elements.  Those raiders moved onward and formed Puerta de la Luz. The first official settlment was around what is today known as Puerta de la Luz.  Early on, the area had no name and was a remote settlement and safe harbor for pirates and passing boats.  The area was considered a safe haven from the law since the Aurum Navy rarely patrolled that far away from their waters.  

With the ambitions of a aboriginals and the planning by the Nation of Aurum and Nation of Telmar, the two nations agreed to allow the land around Puerta de la Luz be desiganted a developing country zone.  The area slowly developed as a few settlements sprouted up such as Crossbridge and Rialian.  The Nation of Aurum sent on several occasions inspectors and personnel to Puerta de la Luz to make sure development was occuring and crime was kept low.  Relations were strained as Evereskan officials had different plans then what the Aurum government had hoped for.  Evereksa battled amongst itself to decide what kind of image to develop and how to form a government.  Early nods of communism greatly worried the governments of Aurum and Telmar who agreed to only allow this development if it followed their interests as well through a written agreement.  Smarter heads prevailed and the radical leftist movement within the region was removed thanks to talks and action taken by the Aurum Military.  

Through talks with The Nation of Aurum, the Evereskan government built a new city and a new capitol.  The capital city was named Amandil and in it was built a massive government complex that quickly irked citizens and international governments.  The capitol building was impressive, lavish, and colossal, but it also was viewed as waste as the building itself was bigger then all of the towns of Evereska combined.  There were more rooms and seating then actual citizens.  The same could be said about a prison that was built near Puerta de la Luz which could have easily housed the entire nation at one point and still have room left over.

The nation originally designed a massive flag to fly over the capitol, but it was reduced in size.  The nation expanded infrastructure mainly by basic rail.  Roadways still lacked as the early government tried to find a good way to build roads and national infrastructure.

In March of 2014, a land dispute with the Nation of Lurue reached it's height when the Lurean eader ordered formal talks be had about the disputed land south east of Amandil.  The demands by the Nation of Lurue were met and the leader of Evereska built a new route via a bridge.  The land was given back to the Nation of Lurue peacefully.  The dispute had been ongoing since 2013.

Geography & ClimateEdit

The majority of nation lies within the Rialian Desert which is a dry, barren desert known for harsh hot temperates.  A

Poopie Peak in the Rialian Desert.

few coastal settlements sit on the fringes of this desert and have a climate more moderated by the oceans.  North a continental climate exists which slowly becomes more temperate when forest land is reached just before entering the Nation of Lurue.  South of the Rialian Desert, a small continental region can be found around Amandil in which the temperature is often harshly cold or extremely hot.  The land continues down into a tropical region which has high humidity and high annual rainfall around the Harad Jungle before become a more continental region in some forest land.

There are no major mountain ranges in Evereska.





Puerta de la Luz



Talan Brith



Evereskan Capitol Building in Amandil.

The head of Evereskan government is the Chancellor who is appointed by the Grand Evereskan Council.  Each council member is elected by the people and represent a region of the nation which is divided up into districts.

National AnthemEdit

The Evereskan National anthem is formally called "Forever Evereska."  It is 

National Anthem of the Land of Evereska

National Anthem of the Land of Evereska

Evereskan National Anthem

performed by the Evereskan National Orchestra and is used during marches, rallies, and national events.


Evereskan Defence runs the Grand Evereskan Army which is broken down into a land defense and sea defense, often called the maritime force. 

Foreign RelationsEdit

The current leadersip of Evereska tries to take a neutral stance and promotes compromise and peaceful relations with all nations.  That doesn't mean it isn't concerned with world issues, but currently has enough to worry about within it's own borders with the constant threat of political unrest or civil war.

Nation of AurumEdit

Current Evereskan officials view the Nation of Aurum as a friend and ally.  It was Aurum who helped remove extremist leadership within the nation and place a more moderate leader in control.  While Aurum provides assistance, Aurum also tries to keep a distance in Evereskan affairs, but will step in if things get worse.  Previous Everskan leadership viewed Aurum negatively, even after agreeing with nationhood terms with Aurum, early Evereskan leaders broke the treaty and did their own thing.  This resulted in a visit from the Nation of Aurum Navy at Puerta de la Luz.  The Evereskan leader did not want to talk to the Aurum officials and gave them the cold shoulder.  

Dual leadership with two different mentalities for controlling the country led to turbulant times, all through which the extremist factions continued to paint Aurum in a negative light because of it's prosperity.  Extremist leaders also tried to make it seem that Aurum was controlling Evereska and not allowing the nation to grow as it wanted, into a communist state.  Aurum authorities removed the extremist factions from power and placed a moderate leader into position who has a favorable view on Aurum, and see's them as an ally.

Nation of LurueEdit

Evereskan leadership currently views the Nation of Lurue as a friendly neighbor to their west.  Early Evereskan relations with Lurue were slightly negative to nuetral as some leaders feared Lurue would encroach on Evereskan settlements.

In March of 2014, the land dispute with Lurue reached it's height when the Lurean leader ordered formal talks be had about the disputed land south east of Amandil.  The demands by the Nation of Lurue were met and the leader of Evereska built a new route via a bridge.  The land was given back to the Nation of Lurue peacefully.  It had been ongoing since 2013.

Nation of TelmarEdit

Evereskan leadership has a friendly relation with Nation of Telmar, but has never really dealt with them.  Current leadership knows Telmar helped in the Evereskan advancement, but other then that, not much is said about Telmar.

Kingdom of MiroinEdit

Evereskan views on the Kingdom of Miroin is leery.  Evereskan leadership has said they are fine with Miroin unless, "they do something stupid."

Law And JusticeEdit