Holden, Northern Country
Map of the Bell / Holden region.
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 2
Location Northern Country, 1st World
Inhabitants Citizens
Holden was a small town located off the Sunset Highway in Northern Country.  The climate for the town was a lot less mild then nearby Bell to the south and instead had harsh cold winters.  The town had a town hall and public safety office as well as general store and small dock for boats going through the channel into the Saban Sea.  The town was near the Bell-Holden train station.

North of town, there was a road with a sign that said dead end.  If one was to travel up the road they would see it leads deeper into snowy terrain and mountains.  A small outpost was located far north, but the road never connected.  Also along this route was a major military installation underground that included a missile silo.  This area was important for Northern Country military training and experimentation. 


The area was established as an outpost for future expansion by Northern Country.  It was also a way to control all trade entering the Saban Sea.  Both Bell and Holden helped establish the the presence of Northern Country in the Saban Sea.