Hayden Falls, Unincorporated Territory Central
Vital statistics
Type Village
Level 1
Location Unincorporated Territory Central, 1st World
Inhabitants Haydenites
Hayden Falls was a small community settlement on the western shore of Saban Sea.  To the north was Northern Country, to the west was the Jadeon Kingdom, and to the east was Jonville County.  The town was never incorporated into any government entity and was instead within a region dubbed unincorporated territory central, which was the same designation that Fort Nick recieved.  

The town had a direct view of Jonville Tower in Jonville.


Hayden Falls was located along a main highway west that started from Fort Nick, went past Osaril and connected to Lake Renegade.  Hayden Falls could be seen from this main highway, but had no actual branch road leading off it because the residents wanted peace and quiet.  Their community did have a small general store as well as a motel for travellers.  Anyone who decided to come to the town were greeted by a quint village of homes, a waterfall, Hayden Pond, and a dock along the Saban Sea.