Grand River
The Grand River through Gateway Pass.
Vital statistics
Type Geography
Level River
Location River County, Peace County, Nation of Aurum, 2nd World
Inhabitants Animals and Stuff
The Grand River is a river located in the Nation of Aurum.  It is mostly located within River County but acts as border divide to Peace County near Gateway Pass.  The river empties into Mannulus Lake.


Grand River was the second geographic name to be established in 2nd World.  Residents of Grand Junction built homes high above the river.  It was given the name 'Grand' because early residents hoped the river would lead to a massive sea for trade.  Upon further exploration, the river's head actually is located near Gateway Pass.  The river empties into Mannulus Lake.  The Grand River never led to a grand trade route, but it did provide grand views, especially through Gateway Pass.

River CourseEdit

The river head is located in the Gateway Mountains near Gateway Pass.  The river empties into Mannulus Lake

Map showing the course of the Grand River.


The Grand River only goes by one settlement, and that is Grand Junction.  There are no actual docks or ports located on the Grand River.  All the docks are located in Mannulus Lake which the river empties into.