Grand Junction
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 4
Location River County, Nation of Aurum, 2nd World
Inhabitants Citizens

Map of Grand Junction and surrounding area.

 Grand Junction is a town in River County, Nation of Aurum.  It was the first town to be settled and incorporated in 2nd World.  It is also the spawn point for 2nd World.


2nd World started in what would later become Grand Junction.  As soon as the server was created, people began to settle on the plains, and within a day, the first buildings of Grand Junction were built.  AJM built up the main street and set up homes, and residents began to buy land, homes, and farm.  The town started as a agriculutural community, and it wasn't until the expansion of the world did people begin buying second homes outside of Grand Junction.

As other communities such as Rapid River and Riverbend grew nearby, Grand Junction also expeirenced a boom.  The commerical main street continued to grow and became known as a smaller commercial hub outside of Riverbend.  Highways and rail routes made it easy for residents to live in Grand Junction, but commute outside of the town.


Grand Junction is home to the Grand Junction Police Department located in city hall.  A more recent addition was added to the top of city hall and now is home to the town's train depot.  A defunct rail station sits northeast of town in the plaines.  There is a medical clinic located along the main street in town at the north end.  

A tree farm located east of downtown exists and is open to citizens to use to gather wood.  They are simply asked to replant the seeds when a tree is cut down.

The Port of Grand Junction is located on Mannulus Lake at the south end of town and has numerous warehouses and businesses.



Downtown is the main district for shopping and services in Grand Junction.  Below is a list of businesses.

  • Bank of Aurum
  • Cashry Cafe
  • The Pawn Shop Everyone Forgot
  • Discount Discounts
  • Grand Junction Bank
  • Grand Junction Real Estate Office
  • Levin's Grocery Store
  • Lil' Bit -O- Everything
  • The Armory Store
  • The General Store
  • The Outfitters Store
  • The Pawn Shop Everyone Forgot
  • Undercover Home Furnishings
  • Wool Supply

Port of Grand JunctionEdit


Grand Junction is an important junction to many roads and highways.  Looping around the town from the north is the Sun to Shine Highway which connects to Port Frost and River Bend.  The Rapid River Road east of town leads travellers to Rapid River.  It also has branch roads heading into Peace County, towards Rockwell, and looping back to Riverbend.  To the south of town, Truss Valley Road leads people to Truss Valley and southern cities.  The road also serves as an alternative route to Westport.


Grand Junction.

Grand Junction at one time was home to two rail depots.  But when the construction of a new downtown rail station was complete, the second rail depot was shut down and removed from the rail line.  It sits northeast of town in the plaines.


Grand Junction is home to two parks.  

  • Dullard Park
  • Smalls Community Park


A communications tower stands 47 blocks high over the town, and it is the tallest structure outside of Riverbend in River County.  Another town landmark is Church of Grand Junction located at the east end of town.


Grand Junction has a large communications tower located in town and is an important tool used by regional news agencies.  Because of this, Grand Junction is able to pick up several local news channels from around the region.

The Grand Junction Daily Word is a daily publication for residents in Grand Junction and central River County.