Grand Evereskan Army
Grand Evereskan Army Maritime Force boats.
Vital statistics
Type Government
Level Military
Location Land of Evereska, 2nd World
Inhabitants Soldiers / Sailors
The Grand Evereskan Army is a force of land and sea based units to protect the leadership and Land of Evereska.


Compared to other nations and their development, the Land of Evereska was the last nation to form a defense force, even though being the most unstable nation to date.  The Grand Evereskan Army Maritime Force was created first with a dock in Amandil in 2013.

The Grand Evereskan ArmyEdit

The Grand Evereskan Army is the land force that protect the Land of Evereska.  They have a massive fleet of tanks, but not known for variation which is a glaring weakness to the force.  Their bases are often shared with their naval unit brethern, and training is not distinct between the two branches.


Evereskan tanks at Mal Arta. Shown in various camo packages.

Due to poor infrastructure within Evereska, the army is known for not always following roads to get from point A to point B.  

In 2013, the Evereskan Army watched as the Land of Evereska took some land from the Nation of Lurue to build a road.  The Nation of Lurue was not notified of the take over until sometime later, which resulted in a dispute.  The Nation of Lurue wanted their land back, and Evereska did not respond.

March of 2014, the land dispute with Lurue reached it's height when the leader ordered formal talks be had about the disputed land south east of Amandil.  The demands by the Nation of Lurue were met and the leader of Evereska built a new route via a bridge.  The land was given back to the Nation of Lurue peacefully.

A massive project in 2014 took places between the army of Evereska and the Nation of New Plymouth's armed forces.  Due to increased tensions with the Kingdom of Miroin, massive spending took places to update the Evereskan forces.  In a deal with the New Plymouth Armed Forces, an underground tunnel was made connecting the two nations for easy military transport.

Army EquipmentEdit

Vehicle Type Photo
Avari Large Tank

The Grand Evereskan Army Maritime ForceEdit

The Grand Evereskan Army Maritime Force is the water division of the nation's army.  It is made up of small boats mainly for patrolling and scouting purposes.  The ships feature a black and white color scheme with the nations flag clearly visible on some part of the ship.  The nation's maritime force is very weak in comparison to other nations in 2nd World and would not be able to hold their own on sea warfare.  It is mainly a coastal defense for the sprawling nation.

The nations most powerful offensive tool is the Ironhide submarine which docks in Amandil.

Maritime Force EquipmentEdit

Vehicle Type Photo
Patrol Boat Small
Look Out Boat Small
Pendragon Medium Arms Barge
Ricochet Large Gunship
Ironhide Submarine


The army and maritime force hold a few bases around the Land of Evereska.  Some bases are for mixed use of both land and sea forces, while others specialize in one use.  For example Fort Vaya is used by both land and sea forces, while the maritime force pier in Amandil is just for sea units.

Base Location Photo
Fort Vaya Near Puerta de la Luz
Mal Arta NE of Amandil


On March 25th, 2014,  a merchant ship sent a distress call picked up by the Telmar Navy Service, and this information was relayed to all the emergency services surrounding the Rarad Sea.  

The first emergency crews were sent from the Grand Evereskan Army Maritime Force which began searching along their coastline.  

The Nation of Aurum sent the Nation of Aurum Navy ship, Albatross to the scene, taking a day to get there.  Officials from the Nation of Aurum Defense and the Armed Forces of Lurue were aboard the ship.  

The Nation of Telmar, The Kingdom of Miroin, and the Nation of New Plymouth did not send search crews in this event.  The Nation of New Plymouth acknowledged the event, but said they could not send resources at that time.

On day one, the Evereskan search crew had clear weather to search.  By day two, when the Nation of Aurum Navy arrived, it began to storm.  The Nation of Aurum Navy and Armed Forces of Lurue personnel worked closely together following the Kingdom of Miroin coastline and then following the Land of Evereska coastline.  After a thorough search along the Rarad Sea, Evereskan officials declared the search off after not finding anything by day three.  Early morning of day four, after a night of searching, The Nation of Aurum Navy found the sunken ship just hundreds of feet from the Land of Evereska coastline.  Crews from The Nation of Aurum Navy and the Armed Forces of Lurue sent divers into the wreckage and found no survivors.  The ship was called "Missle Queene."  The Grand Evereskan Army Maritime Force and leader was not too happy that other nations found the wreckage right off their coastline and that they could not, and denounced how the history books may record this event in Aurum's and Lurue's favor.