Fort Nick, Unincorporated Territory
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 3
Location Unincorporated Territory Central
Inhabitants Unknown
Fort Nick was the spawn location for 1st World.  It grew into a settlement.


Fort Nick was the very first location on the server but was simply known as spawn. It was an ugly concrete floor with concrete walls built by Nick.  It was not until USAPatriot re-designed and named the spawn Fort Nick.  He named it  after the server hoster. The old concrete walls and floors were mostly kept intact, but buildings, were built as well as services and homes.  Soon Fort Nick was the center of activity outside of Port Orman.  Early users that joined the server often left Fort Nick and travelled east on the Port Orman Highway. Most settled past Port Orman to an area now known as Cross Valley.


The original Fort Nick layout from day one of the server.

Fort Nick was expanding as member, Nick, worked on a underground transit system that was centered in Fort Nick. Early routes included Port Orman, and Jonville.  Soon routes were built all around the server that connected to Fort Nick in some way or another.

USAPatriot came up with the early directional system of the server when he placed Fort Nick at the center of the "known" universe at the the. Since then, this method of direction has been kept and all directions start at Fort Nick.

While areas around Fort Nick incorporated into government entities, it was decided early on that Fort Nick would forever stay nuetral and be it's own entity.  Still Fort Nick recieved heavy influence from Council County which eventually bordered the north and east of Fort Nick.

Town ServicesEdit

Fort Nick featured an early spleef arena with a glass roof.  The town also featured homes on the outside of the city walls and a factory.  Inside the walls were the entrance to the subway system, some shops, a medical clinic, and security office.