Fort Dent, Peace County, Nation of Aurum
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 4
Location Peace County, Nation of Aurum, 2nd World
Inhabitants Citizens
 Fort Dent is a town and the county seat of Peace County in the Nation of Aurum.  The town has two portions, an older inner portion surrounded by walls, and a newer portion outside the town gates.  Farms are heavily dotted to the north of the town.  Fort Dent is the largest town in Peace County.


Fort Dent was the first major settlement east of Grand Junction and Rapid River.  The settlement formed at the the eastern edge of a large prairie.  Because of it's remote location at the time, walls were built around the first buildings in town.  The walls were built to be thick, and allow for town guards and citizens to hide within the walls.  There are various access points to get inside the walls from around town.  In modern times, the walls are locked up to the public, but now stand as a historical landmark.  Inside the walls, there were further escape points from town that led to underground passageways, often leading to caves around the town.

As a marvelling feat of the time, an underground tunnel route that is mostly one block in width, crawls from Fort Dent to Heremus.  After the demise of Heremus, the route still makes it too Truss Valley.  The original intent was to have a secret underground trade route incase invaders ever occupied the region.  

When the town outgrew the walls, expansion continued outside the walls, steading in the east then to the west.  Farm fields starting sprouting north of town, and a rail depot was built connecting it to Grand Junction.  Eventually a roads were built connecting Fort Dent to Rockwell to the north, and Grand Junction to the west.


Fort Dent is located in a geological region of the plaines known as the Peace Plaines.  The region is known for it's many cave systems that pock mark the plains and hillsides.  Also the massive Riddlestoke Canyon is located just east of town.  Because of all these caves, it has made development hard to the community.  It has also brought fears about the walled portion of the city being so close to the Riddlestoke Canyon.  Some fear it could cave in, but the government has encouraged people it won't and that several precautions have been done to ensure the safety of the town.


Fort Dent is the seat of government in Peace County and is home to the Peace County Sheriff's Office.  The sheriff headquarters is in Fort Dent, but a western substation is located in Whitetail.  The county's main medical clinic is also located in Fort Dent.  The county courthouse is located in town as well as the Peace County School is located in town.


Business is limited in Fort Dent, but it is still the biggest commercial hub in Peace County.  There are not many businesses in Fort Dent, but enough to supply the citizens.  Below is a list of businesses in Fort Dent.

  • Fort Dent General Store
  • General Armor's Armory


To the south of the town, a modest sized seaport is located and is important for agricultural trade.  It is owned by the Port of Fort Dent.

Roadways come into Fort Dent from the north and west.  

Fort Dent is the end of the rail line heading east from Grand Junction.  It is home to the Fort Dent rail depot and is the only rail station in Peace County.


Fort Dent is home to the Peace County Weekly Word.  The newspaper is a weekly publication for residents in Peace County.  Local television news in the county can be seen from local networks in Rockwell and Riverbend.