Desperation Bay, Cavari Kingdom
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 2
Location Cavari Kingdom, 1st World
Inhabitants Citizens
Desperation Bay was a town within the Cavari Kingdom in 1st World, located on the northeast border of the nation next to Karah.  The town is mostly run down and the old business district is boarded up and abandoned.  To the south of the city are some farm fields that border the main highway.


Folk lore of the early kingdom are well known including dark tales of a secret thieves guilds that formed and continued to run in Desperation Bay.  Early shrines and ruins dot the nation and point to an early culture that thrived around the Desperation Bay area.  Explorers have found elaborate cave systems and underground routes that went all around Desperation Bay and into the mountains nearby.

Since early times, Desperation Bay was an important port for trade on the large inland sea it was located in.  It traded with other settlements such as Braveshield and Brisburton as well as ports from outside the known world.  As times changed, the area suffered heavy blows as the climate slowly changed and became harder, colder, and more wet.  Heavy snows and long winters made trade more difficult and portions of the inland sea began to freeze stopping all sea trade.



Desperation Bay.

The town had a small general store that was open at select hours during the day.  The town was also home to a museum that had the entire Cavari Kingdom history written along the walls.  There was a Cavari Kingdom National Police station located in the town and was the most kept up building in town.  There was no medical facility in the town.

Located to the northeast of the town was the Cavari Kingdom border entrance.  The nearest town to the border outside of the kingdom is Karah.

Law EnforcementEdit

The Desperation Bay border station was heavily guarded by Cavari Kingdom Military personnel.  

The Cavari Kingdom National Police had a large station located in Desperation Bay that came complete with living quarters and a jail system.