Anders Bay, County Cavan
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 2
Location County Cavan
Inhabitants Citizens
Andersbukt (also simplified as Anders Bay) was a town located South East of the County Cavan capital town of Cavan. Most businesses in town were situated along a single main street of downtown.  These included a market, a medical clinic, a Marshall's office, a train depot (which only connected to towns within County Cavan), a fishing store and some other small shops.  The town was built on a cliff overlooking a bay to one side, and an inlet on another. Elegant homes dotted the coastline on the outskirts of town. The town was also home to a well known stave church.

The town was established and built by Amurray. 


Waterfront homes in Anders Bay.


Anders Bay was connected by road to Cavan.  That road was an important life line that connects to Council County in Northern Country

Another important route was the road that connected Anders Bay to Newfield County.

County Cavan had an in county rail system, and Anders Bay had a station]].