Full declaration of war and battles can be declared against forces and nations in 2nd World.  There are many determining factors into how powerful or how safe one's nation is.  The following are the rules for combat in 2nd World.

Building an Army/NavyEdit

In 2nd World their are two forms of military power.  There is land power (Army) and sea power (navy).  It does not matter how strong a material one uses to make these vehicles, but their strength and power points are reflected on their class and overall nations military power.

Building An ArmyEdit

To build an army, you first need a national branch of government within your nation to have an army.  

MILITARY BASE - Secondly, you will need at least one military base.  Placing a military base is important, because depending on where you base is, it provides "defense points" to all surrounding areas.  If you base is not near any of your towns, it will not provide them with safety.  Instead you would have to manually move units from the base to your nearest town for defense.  If a base is located between two major towns, it will protect them, even without you having to tell it too.  Bases along borders are a good idea to keep borders safe if you fear invastion.

MILITARY TROOPS - Depending on the number of military bases a nation has, the troop count is increased.

MILITARY TRANSPORT - A military transport can come in either a land or sea unit.  A sea unit transport is key for quickly moving troops or tanks from one section of land to another.  A land transport unit is used to quickly move troops.  You can also use a navy transport to move tanks and troops.

MILITARY TANK - The other form of military unit is the military tank.  The tank comes in three classes.  Light, Medium, and Heavy.  A medium tank must be 4 wide and at least 5 in length.  This is a standard that must be followed.  A medium tank is the main tank type for used for battle.  Smaller tanks often occupy an area already taken over or can be used as scouts.  Heavy tanks are not meant for speed, but absolute destruction of an area.  Tanks earn points inb battle for camouflage.

Once you have built a single tank unit, you can continue to purchase the unit through a "copy" method to increase your fleet numbers.  Bigger numbers are better for going into battle in most cases.  You can copy your units for free or the cost of building materials if you build them yourself.  The "copy" unit method is just quicker, but will cost the player money.

Class Cost
Light $500
Medium $2000
Heavy $5000

ARMED CANNON - A battle cannon can be placed on bases, around important waterways, or anywhere to provide extra protection.  They increase defense points.  They are good because they will not appear on war maps, and can lead invaders into a false sense of security, just to get bombed to death.

Building A NavyEdit

Navy bases must be located along the water and have docks to ensure your fleets can be parked at them.

NAVY BASE - Navy bases must be located along the water and have docks to ensure your fleets can be parked at them.  They protect a wide range of coastal or deep sea areas.  A navy base near a coastal town will provide defense points.  It is important to plan the location of a navy base to a good location.  If you want them protecting a chain of islands, you can place a base within an island chain, or have them protect a river mouth to prevent the enemy from entering the river and going up stream into your nation.

NAVY TRANSPORT - Much like a military transport, the navy transport is a sea unit that can carry military troops and tanks.

NAVY SHIP - There are several classes of navy ship, and they can all vary.  But each navy ship one builds must fall within a category of size.  Small, medium, or large.  Small ships are often patrol boats or scout boats, not exactly meant for deep sea, but more or less coastal defense.  Medium ships are an important class to carry out battles at sea, or good for blockades.  They are the most common ship type.  Large ships are like massive battleships that can carry out an onslaught of destruction to most classes of boat.

Class Cost
Small $1000
Medium $5000
Large $10000

Selling Services and WeaponyEdit

You can sell your military / naval services to other nations in need, or if you make a good tank, ship, or weapon, you can sell them to anyone willing to buy them.  Not all nations have the time to make their own weaponry, and if they are short on time or vehicles, it might be beneficial for them to buy your products.  You can set any price point on any vehicle you build, but if you are "copying" a weapon to sell to them, the builder must still pay the "copy" price.

Treaties and Declaring War / PeaceEdit

Military / Navy MovementsEdit